Paytech Corporation was founded in 2004 to provide  Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) transaction processing, gateway services and software solutions to businesses throughout the United States and Puerto Rico with the latter being its main target market. Paytech’s main solution is the EzPay™ Electronic Financial System or EzPay EFS. EzPay is a full web-based or “cloud based” total solution. Today EzPay EFS allows not only for all types of ACH transactions to be originated but is also certified to various credit card processors such as TSYS, FDMS and Global Payments for  credit and debit card transaction processing.

These relationships have required for Paytech to become a PCI Certified operation. Since 2006 we have also served several Financial Institutions both as processor and solutions providers as well as technology partners. Paytech’s Ezpay EFS has been private labeled for these Institutions through what we call today our “Agent/Partner Bank Program”. The fact that Paytech maintains these relationships requires us to be a SAS 70 certified company which is a great benefit and peace of mind for all our customers/merchants.

As of today, Paytech serves customers in essentially every industry and ranging in size  from small businesses and Non-Profits to Fortune 500 companies. A wide range of proprietary solutions has allowed us to serve businesses in these industries:

• Financial Institutions
• Insurance
• Wireless Communications
• ISP Services
• Education
• Cable and Satellite
• Non-Profit
• Health Clubs
• Retail
• Government
• Utilities
• Ticket Sales

Another important factor in our consistent growth has been to seek strategic alliances and business partnerships. Paytech is the payment processor and gateway of choice for several third party business solutions in the retail, non-profit, property management, financial, insurance, parking operator and eCommerce industries.

Finally, Paytech would not have come to achieve what it has without its customers obviously but mostly because of the Paytech Team. The Paytech team members are a diverse group of multi talented, goal oriented and customer service focused individuals. Our team members have strong expertise in their specific areas of work ranging from programming and software engineering to banking, regulations, customer service and support, IT Management and Sales Management. Over 50% of our staff is fully bilingual in English and Spanish. Paytech is a Hispanic owned private corporation with operations in:

Puerto Rico Headquarters

Paytech’s Puerto Rico operation focuses in serving the Caribbean market. It is a fully bilingual division which is also the operational and administrative headquarters. Puerto Rico’s condition as a Territory of the United States of America makes it part of the Federal Reserve’s Banking System and is fully covered by federal laws and regulations.

Texas, USA

Our recently acquired Texas operation is the heart of Paytech’s processing and transactional center. In December 2011 we acquired the assets of DCAS Software Solutions, Paytech’s infrastructure and software provider since 2004. This acquisition gave Paytech total control and ownership over solutions, processing and infrastructure. This location also provides sales and support to our USA mainland customers.

Florida and USVI

Both these  locations are solely focused on sales and marketing. The USVI sales office caters to the Lesser Antilles market in the Caribbean region, this includes not only USVI but all other islands that comprise this group in the Eastern Caribbean. Our Florida sales office covers all sales for eastern USA. Both offices were launched in December 2011.

Please feel free to contact us for any information regarding our company. Our contact emails for any of our locations are: sales@paytechco.com and/or info@paytechco.com Central Phone Number is 1-855-EZPAY4U

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